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International XR-Metaverse Conference – June 2023

University of Nevada, Las Vegas – End of June (TBC)

The International XR-Metaverse Conference is an annual immersive tech event of the International Association of Immersive Technology Innovation (IAITI) and it aims to bring industry and academia together in order to discuss, present and show case latest trends in the immersive technology arena. The 8th conference in 2023 will focus on the theme of XR meets the metaverse.

Issues to be covered at the conference include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
• XR and the metaverse
• XR to overcome a health crisis
• XR for societal good
• AI, Big Data, IoT, 5G, Robot and Digital Twin powered XR innovation
• Digital transformation through XR
• XR adoption behaviour
• XR/metaverse business models
• Development and implementation of augmented and virtual reality applications
• Mobile and wearable technologies and applications
• Impacts of XR on value co-creation
• XR/metaverse for customer engagement
• Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues
• New methodological approaches for XR/metaverse
• XR/metaverse applications in tourism, events, cultural heritage, architecture, education,
retail, entertainment, health, manufacturing etc.
• Any other related topic

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