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SK Telecom (SKT) – ifland

SK Telecom (SKT)  is a South Korean wireless telecommunications operator and former film distributor and is part of the SK Group. SK Telecom is the largest wireless carrier in South Korea, with 27.019 million subscribers as of Q4 2017.

In summer 2021 the company launched a new metaverse platform called ifland to deliver diverse virtual spaces and avatars via an intuitive user interface to all its customers.

Users are able to create avatars and experience several different metaverse rooms. At launch, there were 18 different types of virtual spaces including conference halls, outdoor stages, and rooftops. 

In November 2022, SKT simultaneously launched ifland in 49 countries and regions throughout the world. SKT pledged to actively utilize K-pop content, develop attractive content with overseas partners, and strengthen communication features to shape ifland into a global leading social metaverse platform. The global version of ifland supports English, Chinese and Japanese, and is available for both Android and iOS smartphone users.

SK telecom

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