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ARuVR announces XR no-code platform for enterprise headsets

Extended reality (XR) training platform ARuVR has announced that it now supports ‘no-code’ content creation, distribution, and management for the extended reality VIVE XR Elite, Meta Quest Pro and Pico 4 Enterprise headsets. 

No-code removes the need to write complex code, meaning anyone can create, deploy, and manage learning content quickly and effectively and place it within a blended real and virtual world.

Forging new frontiers, ARuVR clients – such as BT, Coca-Cola, PwC, NEOM, BAE Systems and many others – can create interactive blended Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences that can now also be experienced on extended reality headsets. 

Extended reality headsets enable enterprises to immerse learners in both virtual and real-world situations, for example operational training, soft skills, onboarding and empathy training. The challenge is creating the content to overlay in the real world and at the same time provide immersive and virtual world experiences. 

ARuVR’s no-code platform seamlessly blends AR and VR together, enabling the content creator to simply drag-and-drop content without the need for any coding. What’s more, the training manager or instructor can run their training session from anywhere in the world, connecting with learners who can also be based in any remote location and not tethered to a specific learning center. These sessions can be consumed both on-demand (asynchronous, single-use experience) and in Instructor-Led Sessions (synchronous, multi-user experience). 

Nathan Gaydhani, enterprise product owner EMEA, HTC VIVE, said: “XR has the power to change how a business operates, creating and delivering highly realistic experiences to recruit, engage, upskill or retain its workforce. Combining the great hardware of VIVE XR Elite, and powerful software like ARuVR’s platform means that advanced transformative technology is accessible to any organization.”  

As the learning sector continues to embrace AR and VR as a cost-effective way to interactively train and upskill employees, no matter where they are located, enabling all those who are involved in training to easily create, deploy and manage immersive and augmented content, a no-code platform is seen as a major breakthrough for mass adoption. 

Frank Furnari, CEO and founder, ARuVR, said: “As the first training platform to add no-code capability to our patented-platform for the world’s leading XR headsets we are ensuring that technical expertise is not a limiting factor to the roll out of XR training programmes. Now anyone within an organization can easily become a creator of powerful and immersive training and deploy to anyone, anywhere throughout the enterprise.”

During the Learning Technologies Exhibition at London’s Excel Centre on the 3rd and 4th of May (2023), ARuVR showcased its new XR platform training solution, bringing together VR, AR, and human holographic projections, now accessible to anyone with near-zero skills. 

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