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Metaverse Professional

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Metaverse Professional is the trusted information source for professionals working in the metaverse and extended reality sectors, including graphic design, business strategy, programming, simulation, gaming, engineering, planning and marketing.

Digital & newsletters
Metaverse Professional covers all business aspects of the extended reality market. The site is updated daily with breaking news, analysis and industry reports designed to provide partners with a competitive edge when forging a path in this whirlwind sector.

Online advertising options include a range of home page banners, sub-section banners and newsletter banners. Sponsored podcasts and mailshots also provide industry suppliers with the opportunity to deliver information on their latest products and service offering direct to a database of relevant industry professionals. To find out more about our advertising rates, get in touch here.

Job postings
Any new and thriving sector tends to suffer from a shortage in top talent and the metaverse is no different. In a candidate-driven market it’s important to get your opportunities seen by the very pest people working in the sector. For busy employees and innovators, time wasted searching for the perfect job could be better spent on time-sensitive projects. Metaverse Professional acts as the community’s conduit for the very best talent. To learn more about weekly rates for job postings and our special bundle deals, get in touch here.

Supplier directory
Knowing where to turn and who to trust in developing a presence on metaverse platforms such as Decentraland can be a daunting prospect for businesses. The Metaverse Professional supplier directory provides comprehensive profiles on key players in the market, enabling businesses to research the most suitable developers for their needs. To find out more about getting your offering listed on our supplier directory, get in touch here.

Tender tracker
Metaverse Professional offers a premium tender tracking service that pairs developers with the latest projects hitting the market. To post your own tender or to sign up for the Metaverse Professional tender tracker, get in touch here.